Brad Paisley Releases First Book

Brad Paisley Releases First Book, Diary of a Player.

Having secured a place for himself in the world of country music, Brad Paisley is venturing into another media realm, book publishing. Paisley has agreed to his first major book deal with Howard Books, an imprint of Simon and Schuster! His book is titled Diary of a Player and is co-written by David Wild, a contributing editor to Rolling Stone. The narrative is a tribute to the guitar greats from country, blues and rock&roll who have influenced Brad in his life and his music.

“It is a love letter to the guitar. The book pays homage to an instrument that Paisley realized was his only real constant no matter how he changed and evolved.” – Howard Books vice president and publisher, Jonathan Merkh

This “love letter” emphasizes Paisley’s respect for and relationship with music, especially through his guitar playing.

“There are some people who drink, who seek counseling, eat, or watch TV, cry, sleep, and so on. I play.” -Brad Paisley

Diary of a Player will release November 1st! Be sure to stay tuned for more details.

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