Brad Paisley Remind Me Video

>Brad Paisley And Carrie Underwood Debut Remind Me Video!

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood are a great working couple! From hosting award shows to creating an amazing song together, they can do it all! “Remind Me” is a beautiful song and the third successful single from Paisley’s latest album “This Is Country Music” released earlier this summer. The video is very simple, having Paisley and Underwood walking toward each other in a desert. Brad does what he does best, plays the guitar so very well, and Carrie sings her heart out in a killer dress and some amazing shoes!

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2 Replies to “Brad Paisley Remind Me Video”

  1. I heard and saw Brad Paisley for the very first time in Mendon Il at the fair. I love all of his songs. He especially touched me when he sung Farther Along. He has to be special angel.

  2. Country music is the best—-heart and soul of America–where being genuine is far more rewarding and longer lasting then all the craziness to sell a song–where you can still understand the worlds-where you do not have to create a “train wreck” to sell records.

    The best fireworks are held inside ones own heart. Long last country. Love the one you’re with, deeply.