Brad Paisley Whitehouse USO Concert

Brad Paisley Celebrated 4th of July With Whitehouse USO Concert.

Last week Brad Paisley had the chance to take part in the 4th Annual “Salute to the Military” USO Concert that took place on the south lawn of the White House. It has to be a heck of a way to spend the 4th of July in the United States’ capital city, and Paisley was understandably pleased to be able to do so while saluting the military specifically!

“I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Independence Day then at the home of our President, honoring the men and women who protect and serve our rights and freedoms and their families. Being here today is truly an honor and makes me proud to be an American,”-Brad Paisley.

Paisley’s concert was part of a larger celebration that also included fun, food and games as President Obama and The First Family welcomed troops and military families to their backyard. Be sure to check a couple of great shots below featuring Paisley on stage and some of the fireworks show!

Brad Paisley At The White House USO Concert 2012.

Photos Courtesy Ben Enos

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