Brad Paisley’s Network Television Debut

Brad Paisley has announced his involvement with a new network TV show coming next season titled simply “Nashville”.

Brad Paisley NewsBrad Paisley has confirmed that he will be participating in the production of a new TV series on CW titled “Nashville“. The storyline of the show is said to follow the struggles and successes of a young female rising star. Brad’s music will be used in the show, and he is said to be performing on it several times as well.

Nashville” comes from a team of creators whose prime time drama credits include hits like “One Tree Hill”, “Chuck”, and even the smash success “Heroes”.  Brad is quoted stating ““I’m very excited to portray the country music world of my favorite town, Nashville, by showing the exciting life of musicians, songwriters and performers – all very talented people.” says Paisley. “Look for some of your favorite country music stars to make their acting debuts on the show – either by playing themselves or as a character in the script. Country songs are like great scripts already and it’s going to be fun to see how some unfold on the show.”Country Music Photo Gallery

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One Reply to “Brad Paisley’s Network Television Debut”

  1. The question I find asking myself is what ever happened to working to become a star. Actually doing the leg-work and not jumping on some reality t.v. show? Don’t get me wrong we’ve gotten some pretty sweet artists out of American Idol, but if they really wanted to be discovered and become famous… Why weren’t they out promoting themselves. I just seems to me that people are taking the easy way out and having the networks and other famous people do the promoting for them.