Country Newcomer “The Shells”

The Shells are described as “Cosmo Country” blending unique harmony with a pop-country sound. We want to know what you think!

The Shells are a new country-pop trio from New York who are fighting to climb to the forefront of mainstream country radio. Their debut album “Written Roads” just released October 8th.  It’s your call readers… Do you think we should do a full feature on these gals? Take a listen to The Shells perform  “Wrong From The Start” and decide if these girls are picking up where the Dixie Chicks left off in all-female groups.


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15 Replies to “Country Newcomer “The Shells””

  1. Oh yeah. Dixie Chicks? Way better looking! But great harmony group. I hear what you’re talking about. Absolutely, I want to hear more about them and hear more of their music.

  2. Have seen the Shells here in NYC and they are fantastic! The album is amazing, Wrong From the Start and I Will Believe You are my favorite tracks. Please please do full feature on them!

  3. Wow, these girls are great! You should definitely do a full feature on them, I’d love to hear/see more!

  4. the shells have original voice in thier lyrics and an organic vocal blend and presentation. it’s time to welcome them into the professional world of music!

  5. This is a fresh, really talented trio of women that combine to bring a beautiful sounding blend into one voice – you must hear their new album, Written Roads, which in my opinion promises to be a crossover success. Heartfelt, lyrical, harmonious – think a sort of female Crosby Stills Nash sound, with a country flavor. If you listen to every cut on Written Roads, you will find numerous songs that you will want to hear over and over – a certain indication of a breakout band!

  6. These ladies are amazing!! Beautiful! I have seen them perform live in NYC and they put on a great show too. That would be incredible if you would do a full feature on them 🙂

  7. I cannot get enough of them! I got their CD Written Roads and all of the songs are amazing, catchy, fun, and full of feeling! Not to mention all of the girls are gorgeous! PEACE LOVE AND SHELLS!

  8. their sound is unique and needs to be MAINSTREAM!!!! I love the SHELLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Fantastic voices! Fantastic looks! Hottest new group! You’ll kick yourself if you don’t feature them!

  10. The Shells are amazing! Wow- beauty, grace and their talent is undeniable. You MUST do a feature on them now! Don’t sleep- they are definitely the next big thing!

  11. These girls are as good live as they are recorded, completely original and a unique twist on traditional country that still remains true to its roots. A full feature would show your readers how they came to this sound- and I would love to read it!

  12. This group is incredible and original (they do and incredible job on label songs too.) I have seen them live several times in Newy York and I also have their recordings.


  13. What a beautiful group. The harmonies are perfet. They write their own music and sound sooo beautiful. The have a lot of fans in Maryland. I, and my family have seen them in New York several times. We love them.


  14. Their sound is rhythmic, hypnotic and makes me smile. I have their new CD and it’s become part of my daily wind down routine. These girls have a lot of talent and diversity. Their sound straddles the borders of country and pop which is sure to be a mainstream hit!!