Brooks and Dunn Behind the Scenes

Brooks and Dunn behind the scenes photo shoot after the ACM Awards in April.

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One Reply to “Brooks and Dunn Behind the Scenes”

  1. Tyler Dickerson who’s this 16 year old kid was amazing. He has a great voice and is so full of charisma. I can see this young man going far.

    Jason Aldean is awesome and a lead act on his own. He kept the audience on their feet for nearly an hour.

    Brooks and Dunn are always amazing. I felt badly for Ronnie who had a very sore throat and you could tell wasn’t feeling well. He even apologized to the audience at one point in the show. I had wished I had a bottle of Chloreseptic to give him to numb the pain. He hung in there despite it all. Unlike any of their other concerts, Ronnie stayed in the background a good part of the time. He sounded great, but you could tell it was hard on him to even get through a song. Kix put his heart and soul into every song. He was determined to give the audience his all. I don’t know how Ronnie was able to perform as long as he did. They must have been on stage for almost an hour and a half.

    They have performed Only In America since they released the song. It’s alwasy emotional when you have young men from all branches of the military come out and stand at attention as they sing their moving song.

    Brooks and Dunn are never a disappointment. It’s just sad knowing this will be the last time I’ll see them in concert.

    They are and always will be my favorite duo. I wish them all the luck in the world. They’ve given so much joy to the world. I thank God for their many songs that we’ll all be listening and singing to for years and years to come. Ronnie and Kix, it has been a pleasure being part of your audience for the past 20 years. God Bless you!