Tim McGraw Not Cool

Tim McGraw admits in an interview with Good Housekeeping magazine that his daughters Gracie Katherine (13), Maggie Elizabeth (12), and Audrey Caroline (9) aren’t fans of his music.

Tim McGraw goes on to further say in the June issue that he feels the same way. “Heck, I don’t like listening to me either. I’m a ’70s rock guy. They like Beyoncé, the Jonas Brothers and Ne-Yo. I have to say, my girls have pretty good taste in music.”

Tim has been in the country music industry for over twenty years and yet he doesn’t like his own music? By these quotes it makes Tim sound like more of a sellout than he already is. If he doesn’t like the music he’s doing then why should we?Country Music Photo Gallery

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One Reply to “Tim McGraw Not Cool”

  1. wow you are one idiot, have you ever heard him speak about how much time he puts into every single album, he chooses each song and has to feel so much for it before he will put it on his album with his name to it, he was joking because of his daughters if you don’t like Tim McGraw than you have no business being in this business you are sure one dense fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!