Brooks & Dunn Break Up

Brooks and Dunn have posted an announcement on their site stating “It’s time to call it a day”.

That’s right, Brooks & Dunn have  officially announced the end of a 20 year chart dominating reign on country music. B&D posted on their own website:

To Our Fans:Brooks & Dunn News

After 20 years of making music and riding this trail together, we have agreed as a duo that it’s time call it a day. This ride has been everything and more than we could ever have dreamed…. We owe it all to you, the fans. If you hear rumors, don’t believe them, it’s just time.

We will release our #1’s and then some” on September 8th and bid you farewell one last time in 2010, with The Last Rodeo Tour…(dates to be announced).

I have to say that I am saddened, much like a child who finds out their parents are divorcing. Brooks & Dunn’s songs were the soundtrack of my life for many, MANY years, and they are a duo which has set the bar that all other male duos will have to reach to call themselves successful. I wish them the very best in their future bush wish even more that they would continue to make the music we love so much!

Fans can see the duo perform together one last time as they embark on the Brooks and Dunn Last Rodeo Tour, which currently has dates booked through the summer of 2010.Country Music Photo Gallery

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22 Replies to “Brooks & Dunn Break Up”

  1. Well I just couldn’t be more bummed. They’ve raised my spirits and soothed my soul hundreds of times. I’ve been in their audience a dozen times and always walked away feeling like I saw the best country music has to offer. All the best to both…

  2. It was nice lissing to your music. I hope you leave in good stand’s like it sound’s, You are.You two have won a lot of awddes in the past year’s.Your music was the best in my book.The next man that has good music like your’s is Kenny Chesney.

  3. wow….first Alabama….now Brooks and Dunn… 2 favorites!!!!!! I am soooooo SAD over this!!!!!!

  4. “that aint no way to Go” I will miss you when your gone!!! I know why they are bailing out. Trying to avoid the Obama nation coming done the pipe. They will head of to the carribean and live out a nice fruitful life with no worries. Thanks for all of the music guys

  5. Very sad to hear of your breakup. Like so many others , I have enjoyed your music and hope that both of you will do some solo work. Dont leave us!

  6. Thats very sad, my mo and I plus all the other people I know that likes country music says no its not time for them to brake up, they have great music they need to keep making more. So please don’t brake up

  7. They have given us so much great music. They well deserve this opportunity to retire from this endeavor and walk new roads. Who knows? I suspect the music is in their blood, and we’ll hear from one, or both, of them again. Anyway, thanks a lot, fellas. Enjoy the rest of your lives. You certainly have enriched ours.

  8. Do you really have to break up? my fiancee and i got to together when you released your first hit. you have been our favorite ever since. please, say it ain’t so! but if it is, thanks for all your songs!

  9. Your music has inspired me! Looking forward to the 2010 tour. Please please please come to the Northwest!

  10. No way guys, your the reason I started listening to country music. I can’t imagine what it will be like without you.

  11. I am not a big country fan, but I loved you guys…Your music was great..Hope to see you on your last tour…

  12. Kicks and Ronnie, what a wonderful ride it has been. I’ve laughed, cried and made it through some tough times listening to your great music . I never listened to a single one of your songs that I wasn’t moved in some way or another. I still sing along when they come on the radio, and have always said that is the greatest compliment you can pay an artist is to sing their songs back to them. My hats off to you both and may God shine and smile down upon both you you and your famalies……………….

  13. well it makes me sad when i herd you guys were breaking up but i guses it was going to happen so wish u fair luck in the future

  14. I was very shocked to say the least, you are great and I will miss your music very much, take care and god bless. lila

  15. I watched the Award Show last night & to me Kix`s does not look well,I Sure hope he is fine and it`s just my thinking love you Guys!!!!! You are going to be so MISSED! OMG your Song BELIEVE has gotten me through alot with the Passing of my Mother,

  16. I feel like a death is taking place. I have loved Brooks and Dunn since the beginning. I am bumbed that they are not comeing near Phoenic for their last tour. Thanks for all the songs that have helped through times I could not have gotten through.

  17. This is a hard farwell to all who grew up with their music . They played at the Gaint Center in Hershey and I will say I loved beening there to say good bye to those two great country artist . It will be something never forgotten. But I do hope one day they will come back and surprize us all..even its for a short time. Hope all is well and God Bless you and your families in the years to come…*

  18. brooks and dunn help me get over my grandma’s death and i just cant believe that they broke up i was so stummed by it that i could not help to cry because they were the country group my grandma always wanted to see in a concert and i told her that i would take her before she died and she died a year ago but i did not get to take her and i promised her on her death bed that i would go see them but it just anit going to happen. thanks you for all the great music.