David Nail – I’m About To Come Alive

David Nail combines southern boy charm with Mississippi mud blues in his debut album “I’m About to Come Alive”.David Nail News

A newcomer to the Nashville chart climbers, David Nail‘s voice is heartfelt and gentle, reminding the listener a combination between Jason Mraz and and maybe early Kenny Chesney. In fact, track 10, “Turning Home” even boasts a Kenny Chesney writing credit! When asked how he feels about this album, David responds:

“I think every artist that moves to Nashville has a list of things they hope to achieve, and having a record in stores has always been near the very top for me,” explains Nail. “This has been a two-year process of highs and lows, but now being on the verge of accomplishing that, it feels as sweet as I ever imagined.”

Overall “I’m About to Come Alive” is a consistent listen from the first track to the last, giving the overall impression of a singer/songwriter who has used music to wrestle with heartache and breakups. Some exceptional moments on the album include Natalie Hemby’s backing vocals on several tracks which help fill out the sound and really support David’s voice well. Also,  “This Time Around” features some clever lyrics and a glimpse at what David can accomplish with a more up-tempo song, which is quite a bit. At the end of the day, this is a solid debut album, but I think the real gold will be what comes after this so keep your eye on this boy!

David’s debut album will release on August 18th just in time for the CMA Music Festival. David can also be found hosting his own series of webisodes titled “Red Light Road Trip”. For more about David Nail, visit www.davidnail.com

1. “Mississippi”
2. “I’m About To Come Alive”
3. “Red Light”
4. “Again”
5. “Clouds”
6. “Summer Job Days”
7. “Strangers On A Train” (featuring Miranda Lambert)
8. “Looking For A Good Time”
9. “This Time Around”
10. “Turning Home”
11. “Missouri”Country Music Photo Gallery

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