Bucky Covington – Country Artist of the Week

For this week’s CAW, I chose newcomer Bucky Covington. I’m not a big American Idol fan myself, but I remember seeing his audition tape as he sang “Simple Man” from Lynyrd Skynyrd and thinking “God I hope this tv show doesn’t eat that boy up and spit him out!”. He’s not pretty, he’s not full of forced politeness, and he’s not today’s typical prissy and preened radio star. Bucky gritted his teeth and toughed it out in America’s biggest dog and pony show, making it all the way to #8 before being voted out in favor of Taylor Hicks (who is now all but disappeared off the map entirely). Meanwhile Bucky Covington has got a record deal with Lyric Street, and a 2008 concert tour with Dierks Bentley. It’s no wonder why he’s singin’ “It’s Good to Be Us“! Stay tuned throughout the week for more hot facts about Bucky Covington!

Bucky Covington 2008 Concert Tour                                Dierks Bentley 2008 Concert Tour 

It’s Good To Be Us – Bucky Covington


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8 Replies to “Bucky Covington – Country Artist of the Week”

  1. I’ve heard several of Bucky Covington’s songs and met him. He is so talented and sweet and down to earth. He’s not arrogant like a lot of the music people out there today. Please keep on listening to him so he won’t fade away like some of the other Idol Winners.

  2. Bucky is a great singer and puts on a GREAT show. He meets with his fans for pictures and autographs after his shows. Great energy and enthusiasm in his music.

  3. Bucky continues to impress me. He puts on one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. So much energy! Can not wait unit the sophmore cd/album comes out. Keep your ears open…its going to be a HOT one again!

  4. How did I miss this? Anyway Bucky has come a long way from when this was originally posted. Three Top Ten hits from his very first album. Way to go! Bucky is working on his second album right now! Can’t wait!!!!