Hank Williams Jr – Country Artist of the Week

All his rowdy friends have settled down, but Hank Jr is still tearin’ it up!

The legendary Bocephus said it best… “All my rowdy friends have settled down, and they seem to be more in to laid back songs”. While the rest of country music’s stars are playing it safe, Hank Williams Jr is still raising eyebrows, whiskey bottles and raucous ruckus! Hank Jr’s rise to epic idol stature started with him continuing his father’s legacy, but it wasn’t until the mid-70’s when he broke away from the familial mold to create a sound that was all his own that country music fans really took notice. He let his southern rock influence seep out when he released his 1975 album “Hank Williams Jr and Friends“. After that point Bocephus would become the poster picture of rebel country, singing about drinking, drugs, women, and hard times. You will find no lofty attitudes or false Nashville act here. Only pure country and rock & roll. Hank Jr’s live show has been described as nothing short of “One hell of a party” and his fans have come to expect nothing less. On his current 2008 Rowdy Frynds concert tour, he takes turns closing out the night with classic rock giants Lynyrd Skynyrd in the most anticipated concert of 2008


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