Can You Duet – The Copollas

Sure the Coppola’s can sing… but can they sing to ME?

One of the most frustrating things about watching singing competitions is the way some performers just don’t “get it”. Sadly, this seems to be the case with The Coppolas. The beautiful blond twins from Denver, CO can sing, and they can sing well, but they can’t seem to listen! Week after week they get brutal criticism from the judges on CMT’s show “Can You Duet”, especially from Naomi Judd, that visibly knocks them off their feet. Hopefully it’s shaking their pedastals a bit as well.

Of course Naomi’s going to be the roughest on The Coppolas. She and her daughter battled against nearly every female stereotype to scratch and claw their way to success. They fought for fair billing, played in the smokey bars, slept in buses, beat down criticism over looks and weight and health and societal pressure, and came out on top. They didn’t bend and fold for their critics. They didn’t flash bare skin and flutter their eyes to get their way. They WORKED, and out of that work they built a legacy and a standard for female artists everywhere.

What the Coppola twins can’t seem to really understand is the simple statement that you HAVE to be more than just a pretty voice and a pretty face to make fans fall in love with you. You have to open yourself up to your fans. Show them your softer side. Get up close and intimate with them through your music. Because right now all I’ve seen The Coppolas do is issue forth perfectly practiced notes and predictable but restrained spunk. They’re singing AT the audiences rather than TO us!

What I’d like to see: I’d like to see Kate and Kacey find a song that makes their hearts bleed and share THAT with us. Otherwise they’ll remain “those cute twins from that singing contest” instead of having a real music career. A pretty face can get you the audience, but it’s TALENT that keeps it.Country Music Photo Gallery

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6 Replies to “Can You Duet – The Copollas”

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  2. Did you SEE and HEAR them sing Bring On The Rain??? They were crying at the end of it, for heavens sake!!! These girls are putting up with the exact same stereotypes and criticisms you say The Judds went through and that all the judgers out there are putting them through right now…

    maybe you should read the review they got a 12th and porter last week….all it talks about is their passion when they sing.

    To each his own…not everyone loves everyone out there..but don’t hold them to a different standard from all the other contestants…it is unfair and I really feel for Kate and Kacey….could you imagine being that strong?

  3. Wow, it seems as if that writer anyway agrees with Naomi. I’m really going to watch for that this week. I guess since I’m not in the audience I can’t really tell.

  4. […]This is a great article and everyone here on this board should go to this website and read this. It really explains why the judges are SO critical of the Coppolas. What they’re doing is trying to make them become a better duo. Kate and Kacey, you have such a tremendous talent to make it and I wish you both the very best in the future. Just reach out to, us, your audience a little more.[…]

  5. To Jen: When was this performance? To be honest I have not seen them sing any slower songs so there is a chance I have missed an episode somewhere.

    Crying isn’t the point… they can cry, scream, shout, laugh, sass, or show any other kind of act they want… what they need is to somehow extend that emotion into their audience and that’s something that takes time, practice, commitment, and a bit of humility.

    As for the other contestants, each one has their strengths and their opportunities… I just happened to write about the coppolas today.

  6. I understand that some people may think the Coppolas dont connect with the crowd, but when i look at the other contestants on this show i see nothing different. I head the other woman judge say that they dont perform well, i think she said something about Miranda going crazy and throwing her hair. and that they need to just let loose, but then the next group came on stage and stood behind there mic. and didnt move the entire song. and she went nuts for the performance they had. At best they sang as good as the Coppolas, not better. I just wish i would see why some dont like them

    every reason i have ever heard against the Coppola’s i could say about EVERY SINGLE duet on the show.

    (p.s. i was able to go to one of the tapings and the only reason that Joey and Rory have so many loud cheers is b/c they had a ton of friends/family at the shows. nothing against them, they are very talented…..but thats why many feel like the connect so well.)