Shania Twain on the Cover of People Magazine

Shania Twain

Shania Twain makes the cover of People magazine for the first time in almost 10 years, but she’s not smiling.

Shania Betrayed is the headline and the article tells the tale of Shania Twain’s split from husband Mutt Lang after rumors of adultery and deceit. Now I’m probably one of the biggest Shania Twain critics in the country music news scene, but even I believe that this media attention during what is obviously a tough time in her life is NOT the right move. How about a little sympathy folks? A little human decency? Why must you jump like vultures on prey to capitalize on the horrible experiences that we endure?

Do any of these articles cite that Shania has partnered again with cosmetics company Coty to produce a new fragrance to add to her collection? Do they talk about how Shania Twain expects to release a new album September 23rd of this year? No. They focus ONLY on the negative which is why artists often mistrust media and hide from the public.Country Music Photo Gallery

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One Reply to “Shania Twain on the Cover of People Magazine”

  1. You are wrong. Shania did a cover of people magazine in 2002 for her UP album promotion.
    Big stars like Shania do covers whever they want to and Shana only does covers when she has a new album out or when she is forced on the cover like this split up story.