Carrie Underwood Clears Up Canine Car Catastrophe

>“Extra” special correspondent Alecia Davis caught up with country superstar Carrie Underwood in NYC as the songbird unveiled her athletic wear, Calia at fashion week.

The Grammy winner became a mom earlier this year, and she already has a new mommy disaster story about when her son Isaiah was locked in her running car by her dogs.

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Everybody made it sound dramatic, but I was laughing at it when they put it out there, because I thought, ‘Of course, this is life’… as soon as my husband and I got out of the car to get our luggage and get it on the plane… we both got out and shut the door, immediately my dogs jumped up on the little ledge where all the buttons are, and I heard it lock. Nobody had an extra key, it was the weekend, there was no locksmith, we called the police… so we thought, well, let’s break the window.

Her brother-in-law busted the window, so Carrie and her NHL star husband Michael Fischer could get Isaiah and the pups. She said, “Isaiah was fine in the backseat, again, the car was running, we were watching him, it was fine.

Carrie UnderwoodThe 32-year-old star is already back in shape, just six months after giving birth to her son. She revealed, “I worked out hard before I was pregnant, I worked out while I was pregnant. Some days, my husband’s home in the morning and he can look after [Isaiah] while I work out and when he’s not, he’s a part of our workout. I literally will do squats, me holding my baby.

Isaiah is also taking after his active parents. “He’s going to be fully mobile very soon, he’s scooting around, and he’s got two little teeth on the bottom that are almost all the way in.

On her athletic line, she said, “It was important to me to be able to create something that women could wear all day long and it would carry them through whatever they had to do.

Though Carrie loves designing clothes, she isn’t giving up her day job as a singer. She’s currently working on an album, titled “Storyteller.” She shared, “There are a lot of story songs on this album, and country music is about storytelling, it’s about real life.

Underwood was discovered on “American Idol” (she won Season 4) and admitted that she is sad to see the show end. “It gave me my shot, it was made for people like me – that knew they loved to sing, but didn’t really know what to do with it. It’s bittersweet.

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