Carrie Underwood Could Design Clothes

Would You Wear Carrie Underwood’s Clothes?

Carrie Underwood recently let slip in a convo with Country Vibe that she’s not particularly interested in the whole “celebrity scent” thing, but does like the idea of getting into fashion and designing her own clothing line.

“I would love to do that for other people…create things that people would like to wear.” -Carrie Underwood

This isn’t really a new concept…country stars (or celebrities in general) getting into fashion in some way shape or form (Kenny Chesney has his sunglasses…Jason Aldean promotes for Wrangler…Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have their own fragrances…Reba McEntire has Reba Wear…you get the point). With that list of country celebs in mind and following the recent announcement from Rascal Flatts that they are considering designing a clothing line…I’m just wondering, is this just what happens when you’ve been around the country-music-hits-block a time or two? How is it that we go from writing and singing songs to designing a pair of jeans or a shirt? More importantly, country fans, are you into this?

I’m really just wondering. I’m not someone who gets hung up on designers, so I don’t really care if Carrie thought up the pattern of the dress I’m wearing. I guess, what I want to know from you country music news readers, is would you buy her (or anyone’s) clothes just because her name is on it?

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