Brad Paisley, Blake Shelton, and Ashton Shepherd News

Brad Paisley to Debut “Then” on American Idol March 18th. After closing out the Paisley Party Tour to a sold-out crowd of over 13,000 Brad Paisley is moving on to work on the release of his next album, “American Saturday nights“. Brad is set to perform the first single “Then” from the album this Wednesday night on American Idol as part of “Grand Ole Opry Week”. Blake Shelton Celebrates #1 for “She Wouldn’t Be Gone” Blake Shelton gathered with family and friends to celebrate his fifth chart-topping single “She Wouldn’t Be Gone” from his current album, “Startin’ Fires”. Ashton Shepherd signs with Cherry Heart Entertainment, LLC for artist management and representation. Ashton Shepherd is about the best thing to happen to mainstream country radio since Loretta Lynn, and Cherry Hill wants to make sure everyone knows! “All of us at Cherry Heart are so excited to work with one of the most authentic artists in today’s country music. Ashton’s uniqueness is a rarity and is appreciated by everyone exposed to her and her music. She is a great example of the type of talent our industry was built on, “comments Shelby Kennedy, Senior Vice President / COO.Country Music Photo Gallery

Ashton Shepherd – 10 Facts

Ashton Shepherd is quickly becoming a household name in country music, so let’s get to know her a little bit better. Ashton Shepherd is taking country music by storm, with her traditional sound, and heartfelt lyrics. She’s gathered so much attention in fact, that she is now nominated for GAC’s Top New Female (which you can help her win by voting here). So we here at CMNB did a little digging to find out what we could about who Ashton is and what makes her tick. Here are ten things you may not have known about Ashton Shepherd. Ashton is a proud wife to Roland, and a very proud Mamma to 3 year old James who often accompanies her on tour. Ashton was signed with MCA Nashville in the summer of 2007. But just months before getting signed, she was selling vegetables on the side of the road outside Leroy, Alabama. Ashton’s favorite place to write music is where she calls her “pickin’ shed”. She loves it so much in fact that she included a song by that title on her debut album. The first song she wrote was for her Mamma when she was 8 called “The Rest of My Life” about a widowed woman. After that point she started competing in local competitions covering Patsy Cline tunes as well as her own original songs to her little heart’s content. 11 out of the 12 songs on her debut album were written by Ashton herself which is nearly unheard of in modern country music. The one song she did not write was penned by her brother in law, and titled “Whiskey won the Battle”. Until the last year or so, Ashton’s only internet experience was still through old-fashioned dial-up access on a landline! Also, until fairly recently, Ashton, along with her husband and son, was happily living in just a single-wide trailer on some family acreage. A lifesaver for Ashton during the beginning of her mainstream career has been a wonderful woman who goes by “Miss Rachel”. Miss Rachel happens to be Ashton’s mamma-in-law who helped take care of little James while she was in and out of studios and on and off tour buses. The rest of the time either James joins mamma and daddy on the road, or stays home with daddy letting the men of the house run things. Ashton is self-admittedly not good at “the girlie stuff” like helping design her merchandise or even decorating her own house! Ashton’s high school friends would have her sign a little self-produced CD that she had recorded at Cook Studios (run by Alabama member, Jeff Cook) when she was 15, stating that they just knew she would be a huge hit someday. Meanwhile Ashton was as humble as could be and now laughs about it when they say “I told you so”. Well that’s all I have for now about Ashton Shepherd. I’m really looking forward to seeing what more she has in store for us traditional country Continue reading Ashton Shepherd – 10 Facts

Ashton Shepherd offers up CMT Exclusive interview

Ashton Shepherd is a newcomer to the country music circuit, but definitely has a strong foundation to build on. Her debut album “Sounds So Good” recently hit store shelves to high praise from critics and fans alike. Ashton Shepherd will be featured in a new episode of CMT’s Unplugged at Studio 330 showcasing her upfront and whole-hearted voice. In an interview with CMT, Ashton describes what she thinks about being called a “tough-minded southern woman”, what she loves about her mamma, and her first Nashville experience. Here at CMNB, we’re keepin an eye on miss Ashton Shepherd as the next Gretchen Wilson in the making! But for now let’s watch her debut video “Take Off This Pain”. [youtube:]   Country Music Photo Gallery