Buck Owens Bakersfield Star

Buck Owens gets a well-deserved star on the Bakersfield Walk of Fame. The Bakersfield Rotary Club has pooled together and donated a star to the Bakersfield Walk of Fame in honor of the legendary Buck Owens. Buck’s sons, Mike and Johnny, his nephew Mel and about 100 people including friends, and employees of the Owens family were there to witness the dedication and to say a few words about the honor. Dad would be proud of this,” said Mike. “Instead of the streets of Bakersfield, it’s more like the sidewalks of Bakersfield.” (Quote via Bakersfield.com) Buck Owens is credited with pioneering what is now known commonly as “The Bakersfield Sound”, mixing a electric guitar into country music with a slight southwestern spin. After 20 chart-topping hits, and a lengthy stint on the cast of the nationally successful show “Hee-Haw”, Buck and his Buckaroos were a well-known household name, and he was a beloved friend to all who knew him. He sadly lost his battle with cancer in 2006, leaving behind a legacy of music, innovation, and laughter.