Canaan Smith We Got Us Music Video

Here Is The Video For Canaan Smith’s “We Got Us!” For those of you who haven’t heard of Canaan Smith, let us introduce you! “We Got Us” is his very first single and it was released to country radio back in January. At first glance, some to the core country fans might say this guy is not “country.” He doesn’t have on boots and he wears scarves, well I say take a listen to some of his stuff before you make your decision. This first single has some killer fiddle and the actual story that the lyrics tell is a country song if I’ve ever heard one. He was named one of the top 12 artists to watch in 2012 by Country Weekly so I’m interested to see what we will be seeing… Here is the video, take a look!

Canaan Smith Releases We Got Us

Canaan Smith Is Set To Release His Debut Single “We Got Us” To Radio! Canaan Smith will be releasing his very first single “We Got Us” to Country Music Radio January 9. The Mercury Records singer/songwriter has been named one of the top 12 artists to watch in 2012 by Country Weekly! The story of “We Got Us” is about a couple in love who take a leap of faith and set out on their own, fueled by their affection for one another. “Getting to be the voice for this song is a feeling like no other. It felt special when we wrote it and I am stoked to see the positive early feedback at radio! Thanks for all the support!” -Canaan Smith Canaan performed “We Got Us” to an audience for the first time at the Universal Music Group Nashville CRS luncheon held at the Ryman Auditorium last March. His debut album will release later this year, but fans can now purchase “We Got Us” on iTunes.