Conway Twitty Is Forever

Conway Twitty And His Music Made An Impact That Lasts Forever! Conway Twitty is, and always will be one of my favorite artists, top 5 at least! The singer, songwriter, producer, and entertainer accomplished a lot in his life! Having 55 number 1 hits was just one goal that he reached that other artists will always strive to imitate. He was loved by his fans and he loved them just as much. Twitty was a straight shooter, never getting involved in drugs or alcohol and always working as hard as possible while doing what he loved! He had a great duet run with fellow country legend Loretta Lynn with songs like “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man“, “As Soon As I Hang Up The Phone“, “Lead Me On“, and “After The Fire Is Gone“. Off the top of my head, some other favorites are “Hello Darlin’“, “Play Guitar Play“, “I’d Love To Lay You Down“, “Slow Hand“, “That’s My Job“, “It’s Only Make Believe“, “Rest Your Love On Me“, and “Don’t Take It Away“. I always knew the lyrics to his songs and wasn’t sure why, I was very young when he passed and didn’t hear him on the radio much. Later I found the reason for my word-for-word lyric shouting was that my mom was a fan and my dad could have quite possibly been the biggest fan ever! Every time I hear his voice I am immediately sent back in time with a gush of memories flowing through my mind. He IS country music and I would have been so lucky to see him in concert. To get some facts on the man and his life take a look at his official website, It is run by his children who are determined to keep his legacy alive. Here is a small task…help keep his smooth words playing on the radio by calling into your local station and requesting your favorite song, it is sure to put a smile on some faces! Until then here is a video of him performing another one of those number 1 hits (before he embraced the curls), “You’ve Never Been This Far Before”. [youtube:]

Conway Twitty Musical Now Casting – Its Only Make Believe

The children of the late and great Conway Twitty have begun pre-production on the musical “It’s Only Make Believe” a tribute to their father’s amazing journey through country music. Auditions will be held in Las Vegas, Nashville, and Los Angeles to find the perfect performer to portray members of Conway Twitty’s family, friends, musical counterparts,  and Conway himself.  It is expected to be a major production with an excellent turnout. For detailed audition dates, requirements, and roles to be casted, please visit the official Conway Twitty website. Auditions begin March 28th, and have strict pre-registration requirements so be sure to read the fine print. Good luck!Country Music Photo Gallery