Jerrod Niemann Jägermeister Tour

Jägermeister Presents Jerrod Niemann As Their Latest Headlining Tour. Jerrod Niemann has been selected by Jägermeister to be the headliner for their upcoming tour! The tour kicks off October 10 in Nashville, TN and will make over 20 stops across the United States. Jägermeister has had a long history of supporting bands, both from a local level to national amphitheater acts. “From the first time I met Jerrod in Nashville, I realized his love for Jägermeister and knew this partnership would be a perfect fit.” -Cliff Rigano, Director of Music Marketing for Jägermeister. Niemann’s sophomore album, Free The Music, will be released October 2. “I’m so excited to be teaming up with Jägermeister. It’s a perfect fit because we both come from German origins and both believe in the power of music.” -Niemann Free The Music Track Listing: 1. Free The Music 2. Whiskey Kinda Way 3. Get On Up 4. I’ll Have To Kill The Pain 5. Only God Could Love You More 6. Shinin’ On Me 7. Honky Tonk Fever 8. Guessing Games 9. It Won’t Matter Anymore 10. I’m All About You (feat. Colbie Caillat) 11. Real Women Drink Beer 12. Fraction Of A Man

Jerrod Niemann Gives Away Free Music

Jerrod Niemann Offers Fans Chance To Win Awesome Prizes, Including Free Music! Jerrod Niemann‘s upcoming album, Free The Music is set to release in just a few weeks, and in the run-up to its debut, Niemann is promoting by giving fans some easy chances to win some great prizes. Starting TODAY, country music/Jerrod fans, just need to head on over to his official page, and sign up to win (easy peasy!). In signing up you are automatically entered to win the yet-to-be-announced grand prize (details coming October 2nd) as well as having a chance to win daily prizes like various gift cards, a black light and special black light poster, a vinyl copy of Free The Music, a record player, a Sonos Play 3, and more. Niemann kicked off the month by giving fans the chance to download a free copy of the album’s lead single, “Shinin’ On Me” (currently on the Top 20 chart!)! Cool, right? Free The Music will release on October 2nd, but you can pre-order NOW. If you go ahead and order in advance, you will instantly have early access to the title track!

Jerrod Niemann Free The Music Details

Get The Lowdown On Jerrod Niemann’s Upcoming Album! Jerrod Niemann has a new album releasing in the Fall titled, Free The Music, and we’ve finally got a peak at the complete details! So, besides the title…what else do we know? Well, it is currently available for pre-order on Amazon, for all you early birds, and it will be officially available on October 2nd! We also know that Niemann wrote or co-wrote each of the twelve tracks on the album, and you can find the complete track listing below! Jerrod was also behind the creative direction of the album cover…which you can also check out below! Are you excited about the new album? What’s your favorite Jerrod Niemann song to date? Let us know below! Free the Music, Complete Track Listing. 01-“Free The Music” (Jerrod Niemann) 02-“Whiskey Kind of Way” (Jerrod Niemann, Randy Boudreaux) 03-“Get On Up” (Jerrod Niemann, J.R. McCoy, Jesse Clingan) 04-“I’ll Have to Kill the Pain” (Jerrod Niemann, J.R. McCoy, Arlos Smith) 05-“Only God Can Love You More” (Jerrod Niemann, Jon Stone, Lee Brice) 06-“Shinin’ on Me” (Jerrod Niemann, Rob Hatch, Lee Brice, Lance Miller) 07-“Honky Tonk Fever” (Jerrod Niemann) 08-“Guessing Games” (Jerrod Niemann, J.R. McCoy) 09-“It Won’t Matter Anymore” (Jerrod Niemann, Rob Hatch, Lance Miller) 10-“I’m All About You” [featuring Colbie Caillat] (Jerrod Niemann, Richie Brown) 11-“Real Women Drink Beer” (Jerrod Niemann, Houston Phillips) 12-“Fraction of a Man” (Jerrod Niemann) Free The Music Album Cover!

Jerrod Niemann Shinin’ On Me Video

The Official Music Video For Jerrod Niemann’s “Shinin’ On Me.” “Shinin’ On Me” is Jerrod Niemann’s latest single and it’s a good one! Every time I hear it I want to turn it up real loud and roll my windows down and let my hands fly in the wind while I’m driving down the road! The song is great and the video just again shows me how much I would love to party with this man! He seems like he knows how to have a good time and one of those people who will help you out with your ab workout because he will keep you laughing! Watch the video now!

Jerrod Niemann One More Drinkin’ Song (Mistletoe Mix)

Jerrod Niemann Shakes Up His Hit Just For Christmas. Jerrod Niemann‘s “One More Drinkin’ Song” proves the man has a pretty healthy sense of humor, and he has taken that sense humor just a little bit further. In the spirit of Christmas, he has given his popular song a bit of a make-over, mistletoe style. The lyrics have been given a little twist here and there, and I think you’ll be happy with the effect. I personally find it hilarious, and I am happy to add it to the repertoire of creative Christmas singles. Take a listen and enjoy. Listen to the Mistletoe Remix of “One More Drinkin’ Song“! [youtube:!]

Jerrod Niemann One More Drinkin’ Song Video

Jerrod Niemann’s One More Drinkin’ Song Music Video Is Here! Jerrod Niemann’s lates single “One More Drinkin’ Song” has a bright future ahead. Love songs and sad songs are great, but you can never have enough drinking songs. The follow up to “What Do You Want” has got me thirsty and that marga-daiquiri-screw-aloda-on the beach sounds interesting enough to sample! The song comes off of his album Judge Jerrod & The Hung Jury and is available now. Watch this video and see how many of Niemann’s famous artist friends make an appearance. Cheers! Tags: One More Drinkin’ Song, Jerrod Niemann, Jerrod Niemann Videos

Jerrod Niemann Signs CDs During CMA Fest

Jerrod Niemann and Others Autograph Albums During CMA Fest Week. Next week is going to be a crazy and exciting week for Nashville! In addition to all the CMA Music Festival performances and appearances already scheduled from the Grand Ole Opry to LP Field, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum has announced a line-up of album signings featuring Jerrod Niemann and others (For a complete list of dates and times, see below). The signings are hosted by CMT and will run from Tuesday, June 7th to Saturday, June 11th. For those of you already planning to attend the festivities, here’s one more thing to squeeze into your agenda! For the country fans who can’t attend, stay tuned for follow up details of next week’s shenanigans. Live From the Museum Store (Presented by CMT), the Complete Line-Up: Tuesday, June 7th Jerrod Niemann 12:00pm: Signing his CD, Judge Jerrod & The Hung Jury Wednesday June 8th Joanna Smith 3:30pm: plaza performance 4:00pm: Signing her new EP, Joanna Smith: Georgia Mud Thursday June 9th Josh Thompson 1:00pm: plaza performance 1:30pm: Signing his CD, Way Out Here Tracy Lawrence 3:30pm: plaza performance 4:00pm: Signing his new CD, Tracy Lawrence – The Singer Friday June 10 Tom T. Hall 11:00am: Signing his new CD, I Love: Tom T. Hall’s Songs of Fox Hollow Saturday June 11 Tyler Farr 1:00pm: plaza performance 1:30pm: Signing his EP, Camouflage

Jerrod Niemann Added to Buds-n-Suds Music Festival

Mr. Lover Lover himself, Jerrod Niemann, has been added to the 2010 Buds-n-Suds Music Festival Aug 25th. Jerrod Niemann has made an instant success of himself with all the lady fans of country music with his smooth and sultry rendition of “Lover Lover” that continues to dominate radio airplay. Now those ladies can get down and bubbly with him next week at the Buds-n-Suds Music Festival! Niemann will join Lee Brice, Stoney LaRue, Sixwire with special guest Keith Anderson, Ira Dean and performance painter Rachel Kice for the performance-packed annual music festival. Additional artists added to perform for this stellar night of music include: Broken Bow Records’ James Wesley and Mercury Records’ Coldwater Jane. Country Music Photo Gallery

Jerrod Niemann Takes Over

Jerrod Niemann knocks Lady A off the top of country charts! Jerrod Niemann’s breakthrough album “Judge Jerrod and the Hung Jury” has risen to the top of country album sales, knocking Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” down a notch. His current hit single “Lover, Lover” is resting comfortably at position 3, and fans are chomping at the bit for more of that sweet and soulful sound! Congrats Jerrod!