Is Ke$ha Going Country?

Pop star Ke$ha discusses the option of putting out a country album. Pop sensation Ke$ha (much to the dismay of country fans everywhere) has hinted that she may see a Jessica-Simpson-like crossover in her future. In a recent interview with Paper Mag, the starlett cites that that her plans in life may include some country music collabs, if not a whole album and then some. I’m really inspired by country music — my mom wrote country music — and I love Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash,” Ke$ha told Paper Mag. “I think at some point there might be some country collaborations or records in the future. But I’m also really digging being called, like half jokingly, a white girl rapper. I think it’s really funny and I’m going to ride that train for a little bit. Keep ridin that train hon, cause I don’t think there’s room at this station for any of that funny business! Country Music Photo Gallery