Kyle Park Beggin’ For More-New Album

Kyle Park Is Getting Ready To Release His New Album, Beggin’ For More. Kyle Park is set to release his new album, Beggin’ For More, on March 19. The album will include “The Night Is Young,” Park’s previous Texas radio No. 1 single and current, climbing single, “True Love.” “I had an amazing time recording this album and must admit that these songs are some of my favorites that I have ever done,” says Park. “I’m excited to share this music with my awesome fans.” Park produced the album and wrote 12 of the 13 tracks. Below is the music video for “The Night Is Young” and the track listing for Beggin’ For More. Beggin’ For More Tracklisting: 1. The Night Is Young (Kyle Park, Thom Shepherd) 2. Beggin’ For More (Kyle Park, George Ducas) 3. You Make Me Believe (Kyle Park, Cody Johnson) 4. True Love (Kyle Park) 5. Long Distance Relationship (Kyle Park) 6. Ain’t No Woman of Mine (Kyle Park, Cody Johnson, Jesse Raub Jr) 7. Tagged (Kyle Park, Thom Shepherd) 8. Live Through The Pain (Kyle Park) 9. He Got You (Ralph Murphy, Bobby Wood) 10. Turn That Crown Upside Down (Kyle Park, Josh Abbott, Rich O’Toole) 11. Like Nobody Will (Kyle Park) 12. Fit For The King (Kyle Park) 13. Bad Timing (Kyle Park)