New Larry the Cable Guy Videos

Larry the Cable Guy has released four videos from his new CD Christmastime in Larry Land. The videos are available on YouTube through the links below and include outtakes from the CD performed live and two animated videos. Larry the Cable Guy’s YouTube videos: Office Holiday Party Tips Green Christmas Farting Jingle Bells Plus-Sized Fashion Shorts (Animated Video) Larry’s opening monologue sets the stage for the show, as Larry falls into a dream sequence of his ultimate fantasy of having his own Christmas radio special. The CD includes song parodies, commercials and skits, with “The Live Nativity,” “Dysfunctional Family Christmas,” “The Tobacco Company Choir,” “Q&A With Santa” and “Farting Jingle Bells.” Christmastime in Larry Land features celebrity guests such as Paula Deen, Trace Adkins, Cowboy Troy, TG Sheppard and Gladys Hardy. Larry The Cable Guy’s very own media player including E-mailable Christmas Cards: Here!Country Music Photo Gallery