Matt Stell & The Crashers

Let’s Get To Know Matt Stell & The Crashers! Matt Stell is a tall guy with a killer voice looking to play loud music for whoever will listen! Although he has been recording music for the past few years, he has started a new adventure with a fresh new band! Darren Barry (guitar), Cliff Aaron (drums) and Eric Williams (bass) make up what is The Crashers. They are all really enjoying the ride and are excited to see where it takes them! I recently had the opportunity to sit down with band after getting to peek in on their sound check before a show in Fayetteville, Arkansas where the guys opened up for the Eli Young Band. It is hard to pin point exactly what genre this band fits in, there is a bit of everything. I like to call it the rockin’/soulful/smooth/blues/country/story telling genre. MS&C really puts out a sound that is like no other. They all love what they’re doing and you just have to see them perform one song to see that. Cliff Aaron was the first to say that music picks you more than you pick it and the others were quick to agree! “You have to love to play music whether your making money or not” -Aaron Everyone in the band also agreed that they couldn’t picture themselves doing anything else. The combined amount of time put into this craft by these men is quite impressive. Another thing that is impressive is Stell’s songwriting capabilities. He has had a hand in penning all of his songs for the last two records in some way or another. One thing he is adamant about is writing about things he knows. If people can relate to a song, then that is just a bonus! “Vestibule Blues“, is the title track of the album and a song that Stell is pretty proud of. The lyrics speak about a specific church from Stell’s childhood and brings us back to the reason we have funerals in the first place. Stell spent a good amount of time doing radio tours for his single “Robert Tatum” and it is currently in the 50s (call in to request it!). The band is looking to release their next single pretty soon, but still making the final decisions on what it might be. There are a couple front runners but my vote would be “Break Me Down” or “Piney Woods“, so be looking for a new song to hit the radio! The band will be playing the Great Arkansas Pig Out in Morrilton this Friday, September 30. Jason Boland & the Stragglers and the Turnpike Troubadours will also be there. This is about as close to their hometown festival as it gets, so come out, eat some good food and listen to some great music! If you can’t make it to that show have no fear, head on over to and find a performance near you! Vestibule Blues Track Listing 1. Break Me Down 2. Continue reading Matt Stell & The Crashers