Introducing: Metro Jethros

Metro Jethros on Country Music News Blog

When it comes to reviewing new music I tend to follow the advice of Nashville legend Erv Woolsey when he said “No matter what, you can’t beat a good song.” Of course, having helped George Strait select so many astronomical chart-toppers, the man has a point. And that point is well-made on the debut self-titled album from North Carolina’s own Metro Jethros. To be honest, I haven’t had such a solid album submission in a very long time… to the point that I wonder if this is really the bands’ first album. Each song is a well-written story on par with the raw honesty of Eric Church, the humor of Blake Shelton, and the classic composure of Alan Jackson. Songs like “Storm” manage to capture the exact moment when you realize the life you’re living is about to come undone. Meanwhile “Tailgate” is just a fun barn-burner of a bonfire tune, perfect for your summer party playlist. Find out more about the Metro Jethros band from their Official Website or follow the band on Facebook!