Patrick Darrah – Northern Truth debut album review

Patrick Darrah

Fresh from the mailbox this morning is Patrick Darrah‘s debut album “Northern Truth“.  The quick version is that the album is interesting enough on the first listen to give it a second go-round, which is rare in blind submissions. Great songwriting and storytelling, and definitely a lot of potential here. I’d call this guy one to watch, and I’d love to hear him collaborate with some heavier hitters in Nashville to help add a little gravel and depth to his clean clear vocal tone. The long version is that, without reading his bio, you can tell that his song selection is clearly influenced by his life experience as each track flows from one right into the next, telling the full story of a man dealing with loss and heartbreak as he finds out what to do with his life once his love walks out. The songs are each well-written and performed with the kind of angst and longing that can only come from the feelings being real. That said, it would be fantastic to hear this album as a whole, remixed and mastered with the guiding hand of a more seasoned engineer as some of the grit and guts seem to have been over-compressed and cleaned up in the studio. I think that  this album makes a very solid starting point for the very long career Patrick has ahead of him.   To find out more about Patrick Darrah, visit .