Alt. Country Single Release – Sam Newton – Hold You Down

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A prolific songwriter, Sam Newton has been writing and performing for ten years, working within time-tested folk and traditional country and blues foundations reminiscent of Paul Kelly, Townes Van Zandt and Neil Young. A staple in the Australian Americana Alt-Country scene, Sam’s expressive melodies an d vivid lyrics tell stories of life and death, crime and punishment, love and loss. Born in suburban Sydney to a music-loving family, Sam knew that he was going to be a musician from the very beginning. He pleaded with his parents for guitar lessons at the commencement of High School and wrote his first song 3 weeks later. Now at age 28, Newton has toured nationally 4 times and put out 2 acclaimed releases Hold You Down is a deeply personal song for Sam Newton. Its lyrics come from a place of truth that songwriters often don’t understand until combined with melody and chords. It speaks of emotional turmoil and the heavy burden caused by mental illness. Shimmery electric guitars, heavy piano chords, driving rhythms and intricate acoustic guitar strumming lead the listener on an emotional rollercoaster, underpinned by a crying pedal steel buried within the mix. Throughout this three-minute journey, an optimistic singer is standing on the outside pleading through chorus, “I can tell you now there are people who care”. WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO HERE Listen To ‘Hold You Down’ HERE DOWNLOAD ‘Hold You Down’ HERE Visit the Official Facebook Page HERE VISIT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE HERE