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Shawn Pander – Claire EP Review

Shawn Pander wets listeners appetites with a 4 track EP titled simply “Claire”. Shawn Pander has been making the rounds in the music for quite some time and somehow remains just under the radar, but that’s all about to change with the release of his upcoming complete album at the end of summer 2009. As a teaser, Shawn has released an EP titled “Claire”  which features 4 beautifully performed tracks including “Waiting“, “The You in Me“, “Never Felt Like This Before“, and the song featured in the video below, “Grace Avenue“. While Shawn isn’t traditional country, his folk-rock sound blended with a slight blues and jazz influence is simply captivating! Pander has already seen such praise from people all across the country, including the invitation to perform on Dr. Phil, and an appearance on Fearless Music TV. [youtube:]   For booking, press inquiries, or other requests, please visit Shawn’s official MySpace Country Music Photo Gallery

Shawn Pander – Tomorrows Country Music Star

Shawn Pander may not be a household name yet, but you can bet it will be. Shawn Pander is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Texas but is currently residing in Los Angeles. I first heard about Shawn when a close friend of mine was touring across the US. He calls me up and says “You HAVE to look up this kid we’re playin with tonight… he’s amazing!”. Shawn was on a tour of his own and brought a room full of surly cowboys, punk rockers, and general patrons to their knees with his smooth voice and simple truth. My friend brought Shawn Pander’s CD “Memories for Sale” home to me and I’ve been hooked ever since. My favorite track on there is “Angel” but the whole CD is just beautiful. I can’t wait for his next one. He’s seen some minor success appearing on Dr. Phil, and Behind the Lyrics but for the most part, Shawn is still looking for his big break. You can find out more about Shawn Pander by visiting his official site or his MySpace Page. Shawn is currently on a bar and small venue tour with stops all across the US, and has his next album in the works. Take a look at these videos and tell us what you think! [youtube:] [youtube:] [youtube:]   Country Music Photo Gallery

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