Celebrating Stoney Edwards

Stoney Edwards on Country Music News Blog

If you’ve never heard the song “Cute Lil Waitress” then you don’t know the simple fun and joy of Stoney Edwards’ contribution to country music. Living among the legends of yesterday, Stoney Edwards was an often overlooked stellar songwriter who couldn’t get a fair shake if he tried. Now the music industry is doing its’ best to rectify that oversight. Though the Cliff Notes version of the Stoney Edwards story portrays him as country music’s other Black star of the 70’s, his heritage was even more complex than that. Though his dad Rescue “Bub” Edwards was Black, he also had Irish in his blood. Stoney’s mother Ollie “Red” Edwards was Native American. Born on Christmas Eve 1929 in Seminole County, Oklahoma, Stoney once told historian Peter Guralnick, “I was never really accepted by any race. Sometimes I wished I was black as a skillet or white as a damned sheet, but the way I am it’s always been a motherf***er.”