The Departed New Album-Adventus

The Departed Releases Second Album, Adventus. They may have dropped Cody Canada from the band name, but they didn’t drop him as a part of the band itself. The Departed has released their second album, Adventus, following This Is Indian Land (labeled under the longer name). This album features 14 tracks all written or co-written by the boys in the band. I really enjoyed “Cold Hard Fact,” “Sweet Lord,” “250,000 Things” and “Better Get Right.” Check it out and tell us what you think! And FYI the guys really love to eat breakfast for dinner! =) Adventus Track Listing: 1. Worth The Fight 2. Burden 3. Prayer For The Lonely 4. Blackhorse Mary 5. Hard To Find 6. Hobo 7. Flagpole 8. Cold Hard Fact 9. Demons 10. Set It Free 11. Better Get It Right 12. 250,000 Things 13. Mark It Wrong 14. Sweet Lord