Truckstop Darlin’ Don’t Walk Away Video

Truckstop Darlin’ Has Released Their New Music Video For “Don’t Walk Away”. Truckstop Darlin’ has put together the music video for “Don’t Walk Away” and they took a different approach than most. “We didn’t want to make a ‘music video,’ instead we wanted to capture the energy of the live show as well as the give and take between us and the crowd.” – vocalist/guitarist John Phelan. On June 5th Truckstop Darlin’ releases their newest album, Hope and the Heart It Breaks, that will include ten tracks. Truckstop Darlin’ comes from Portland, Oregon and has been creating a name for themselves since they formed in 2010. John Phelan (vocals/guitar), Nick Foltz (vocals, bass), Michael Winter (pedal steel) and Ben Blankenship (drums) make up the band. The bands official website is