CMNB Is Seeing Red and You Should Too!

Country Music News Blog is seeing red, and we want you too as well!

In light of the disastrous tornadoes that struck right near our headquarters here at Country Music News Blog, we URGE every one of our readers to find a way to help the victims of this and other disasters! Last night another deadly tornado violently ripped through the town of Joplin, Missouri, just one hour north of our offices, and the death toll is at 96 and rising. The storm system left a path of destruction over half a mile wide and six miles long, hitting St John’s hospital as well as hundreds of residential homes and businesses. Emergency crews and The American Red Cross are set up all through the town and using their limited resources to treat, shelter, and feed the victims of this deadly tornado, and they just got word that more storms of equal strength are expected tonight and tomorrow.


How do they manage? How do they sit through one storm and another and another, saving lives, comforting families, and protecting those who are unable to protect themselves? WITH YOUR HELP! We URGE you to TAKE ACTION! Donate your time, your money, your belongings, your blood, your skills, and your voice! We ALL have something we can spare! Visit or call your local chapter to find out how you can help!

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