Could Kellie Pickler Be Any More Adorable?

Kellie Pickler Charms On Dancing with the Stars and Late Night!

I honestly don’t really get that into reality shows, but if these show’s producers keep casting Kellie Pickler, I’m all in. Seriously everyone, could she possibly be any more adorable? Excuse me while I gush, but she is such a warm, real, funny person. It also turns out that not only does she have super vocal skills, she’s also a really great dancer! She is simply doing a fantastic job on Dancing with the Stars right now, having perfectly delivered a Cha Cha, a Jazz and a Jive routine, all superbly! This is one gal that really knows how to roll with the punches whether its shaving her head to support a friend, traveling overseas to help entertain the troops or joke around with a late night talk show! I for one am totally in favor of seeing (and hearing) way more of Pickler!

Kellie Pickler Super Adorable and Charming On CBS’s Late Late Night with Craig Ferguson.

In Case You Missed it DWTS Week 1 Amaaaazing Cha Cha Routine!

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One Reply to “Could Kellie Pickler Be Any More Adorable?”

  1. Kellie is adorable, talented, beautiful & modest…she’s one of country music’s greatest assets!! Her last album was toally under-rated….I guarantee her next will get more attention after this DWTS appearance.