Country Music Artist Showcase: Greg Bates Interview

This Week Greg Bates Steps Into Our Country Music Artist Showcase with an Exclusive Interview with MissMolly!

The Country Music News Blog team first met up with Greg Bates at BamaJam 2012! He was was on the verge of releasing his self-titled EP (which dropped in July), and his current single, “Did For The Girl” was in the Top 40 on the charts. Now, just a couple months later, Greg’s awesome single has moved up to the Top 15, and was just featured on the pilot episode of ABC’s brand new drama Nashville! Despite putting the finishing touches on his upcoming album (to release next year!), and jumping on tour with Brantley Gilbert, Greg took the time to chat with me about all these new developments! Check it out below!

Right now, you’ve been on tour with Brantley Gilbert…what has that experience been like?

  • Its been a lot of fun. They’re great guys and a lot of fun to be on tour with. They’ve been really good and helped us out in any way they could. It’s been a lesson in how to run a tour and how to treat everyone good and make sure everyone is having fun. I essentially have five roommates in a very small amount of space. It can get a little stressful…so, its good when you have good people to be around.

Thoughts on Brantley Gilbert’s Fanbase…

  • At the end of the day they are country music fans, and they are very passionate about the music they buy and buying tickets to certain shows. Brantley is one of those guys that can get the crowd worked up in a frenzy!

Have you had any stand out moments so far?

  • The first night at Purdue University was one. We’ve been talking ab this tour for two or three months, and that moment when we walked out on stage and it was actually happening was amazing. I won’t forget that.

You’re Nashville born and raised…how do you think that has helped shape you as an artist?

  • I was lucky enough to grow up around songwriters and see behind the curtain earlier than most people. I do think I had an advantage with that, but as far as becoming an artist, I don’t think there’s a single advantage you can have. Its a lot of luck and a lot of hard work.

You’re self-titled EP dropped this summer…do you have plans for a full length studio album?

  • The album is done, and should be coming out first of next year. We’ve got everything lined up and we’re doing photo shoots. This is three years in the making. Its gonna be a blast to get all of the music out, and I’m really excited.

What would you say is your favorite part about the recording process?

  • I love the whole recording process, but for me its when we’re tracking the songs and have the whole band in the studio. When I’m singing the songs, I get in my head, but when we’re in the studio I get to listen. Working with the guys I grew up hearing playing on records, like Gordon Mote and Brent Mason. We had a lot of fun getting in the studio and getting passionate about the music.

Where do you find inspiration when you’re writing songs and creating music?

  • A lot writers I know will write from personal experience, but I kind of like to write about other people and I like to people watch. At the end of the day we’re playing music for other people, for the crowd, and they have to relate to it (the music). Sometimes you get really bad songs that way, sometimes you get really good stuff.

What is your favorite thing about Country Music?

  • It comes down to stories, and that’s what I love about it. As a kid, that’s what drew me to it. There’s always a story…why that song ended up in your hands and why you’re out singing that song to fans across the country…You don’t really get that anywhere else…And I’m trying to bring a little something of myself to the genre.

For more on Greg Bates stay tuned and be sure to check out his official page.

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