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Country Music sites seem to be popping up everywhere in the last year or so, leaving fans wondering which ones are worth subscribing to.

Country music has always been a passion for me, so it’s no surprise that I now run several sites that cover many aspects of the country music industry. But where do I go to when I need to get the dirt? Well let me tell you that all depends on what I’m in the mood for! Here are my favorite country music news sources (in no particular order)!

paperboy.jpgThe 9513 – These folks are honest, upfront, and make no apologies to the bubblegum pop country stars and fans. They have unique opinions and they’re not afraid to voice them. When I want to know who the next big thing is, or whether the buzz surrounding a new artist is worth all the hype, I trust The 9513 staff to lay it out straight.

Country Music Is Love – I have never once gone on this site and seen all the negative nancies and powerful criticism that other sites carry. For a quick look at the positive impact country music is making on people’s lives, look no further than CMIL.

Country Music Tattletale – These gals post everything from celeb sightings to breaking news items. They seem to be in the thick of it all too because their content is updated daily which is no easy task when you’re running an independent, self-funded site, but they seem to make it work! The CMTT girls are sassy and resourceful, calling on fans to help bring the gossip to them.

Galleywinter – Talk about knowing how to promote your local music scene! These guys have been the voice of Texas music for as long as I’ve been writing on the web! I have never run across a more thorough and supportive team of impassioned independent music fans, and I hope someday to meet the creators of this site in person and shake their hands for all their hard work!

Country Standard Time – Simple layout, simple navigation, plentiful headlines. These guys don’t fuss around with a lot of words. Instead they get to the point and let you get on with your day. They’re great for when I’m looking for small tidbits about artists I’d like to feature.

Country Stars Online – Now these guys may not update daily, but somehow when I’m diggin deep for facts about a particular star, I always end up on their doorstep, and that’s gotta say something good about them.

Nashville Gab -Now the country music news over here is pretty much the same news other folks are sharing, but what’s different about the gab is the focus on fans. They’ve got special places to show off fan art, and even fan tattoos! I’m always supportive of sites that point out that the fans make the stars.

Now I know I left out GACTV and CMT, as well as Country Weekly, but let’s face it… you already knew about them 😉 And besides, I prefer my country music news to be delivered completely unbiased and from the heart, and that seems to be where all the sites on my list are coming from. I tip my hat to y’all and appreciate what you do!



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