Top 10 Jason Aldean Songs

HaleighT’s List Of The Top 10 Jason Aldean Songs. As all of my friends and family know, I am a huge Jason Aldean fan. This is not a new thing, (I am no bandwagon jumper) I’ve been a fan since before I could even drive! I remember like it was yesterday, my best friend Taylor picked me up for school every morning (she was older) and we’d jam to Aldean while we raced not to be late. I have seen him in concert multiple times and I own all of his albums. The earrings don’t bother me, I love him in some Wrangler Retros and I appreciate that he isn’t stick thin! As for recent media, well that is his families business and I won’t touch on that at this time. He puts on a great show and sounds awesome live (some artists can’t say as much). Monday night he won the Touring Artist of the Year award at the ACA’s, so I know I am not the only one with these opinions. But, back to the matter at hand, here is the list of my Top 10 Aldean songs! Now these can, and often do, change order. Some might not make the list and others not mentioned might, depends on my mood (heck, it changed 5 times while I was writing this post). Take a look and tell me what you think! Song/ Album 10. Amarillo Sky/ Jason Aldean 9. Good To Go/ Jason Aldean 8. Hicktown/ Jason Aldean 7. My Kinda Party/ My Kinda Party 6. Walking Away/ Night Train 5. Days Like These/ My Kinda Party 4. Night Train/ Night Train 3. Do You Wish It Was Me/ Relentless 2. The Truth/ Wide Open 1. See You When I See You/ My Kinda Party

Top 5 Scary Country Music Songs

The Top 5 Country Songs That Will Have You Creeped Out! Being a fan of country music my whole life, I have grown up and so has my take on lyrics. There are many songs that I would sing word for word as a child and not have a clue what was going on. For example, Garth Brooks’ “Two Of A Kind, Workin’ On A Full House” was a favorite of mine, but in the early 90s I had no clue the song talks about hands of cards. Back then, the only thing that came to mind when full house was said was Uncle Jesse and Michelle… Luckily now, I do understand the majority of the songs I listen to. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that some songs still creep me out! I would hate when certain songs would come on the radio when I would be in the car with my mom at night. They flat out scared me! Below is the list, in my opinion, of the Top 5 scariest songs in country music. Happy Halloween! Top 5 Scary Songs: 1. The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia – Reba McEntire 2. Beaches Of Cheyenne – Garth Brooks 3. Midnight In Montgomery – Alan Jackson 4. The Ride – David Allan Coe 5. The Thunder Rolls – Garth Brooks Apparently Garth confused and scared me as a child…

Top 10 George Strait Songs

The Top 10 George Strait Songs According To HaleighT. George Strait is never too far from my thoughts but with the announcement of his final tour, it seems he is all I can think of. I decided to do a Top 10 list of my favorite songs of his. This came to be a lot harder than I thought it would be… “True,” “Ocean Front Property,” “All My Ex’s Live In Texas,” “Run,” “River Of Love,” “I Just Want To Dance With You,” “She Let Herself Go,” “Nobody In His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her” and “Baby Blue” are some of my favorite songs of all time! Not just George…OF ALL TIME! That is 9 songs right there and I haven’t even got to the Top 10. Below are the songs I’ve decided on (it wasn’t easy). I’d love to know your favorite George songs, so do me a favor and comment below! Top 10: 1. “The Chair” 2. “I Can Still Make Cheyenne” 3. “She’ll Leave You With A Smile” 4. “Easy Come, Easy Go” 5. “It Just Comes Natural” 6. “You Look So Good In Love” 7. “Cowboys Like Us” 8. “Amarillo By Morning” 9. “Blue Clear Sky” 10. “The Seashores Of Old Mexico“

Top 10 4th Of July Songs

The Best Songs To Hear While Showing Some American Pride ! First off this is just my opinion, there hasn’t been an official vote or anything, they are just all some of my favorites. Second, they aren’t all country. I know this is Country Music News Blog, but some of these songs are just too good for me not to mention them. So here it goes… 1. Only In America – Brooks & Dunn 2. American Girl – Tom Petty 3. 4th Of July – Shooter Jennings 4. The Fightin’ Side Of Me – Merle Haggard 5. Where The Stars & Stripes & The Eagle Fly – Aaron Tippin 6. American Child – Phil Vassar 7. Made In America – Toby Keith 8. America – Waylon Jennings 9. American Pie – Don McLean 10. God Bless The USA – Lee Greenwood Now this doesn’t mean I don’t like others, “If You’re Reading This“, “Have You Forgotten“, and “Letters From Home“, are also some favorites but I decided to keep the list as happy and upbeat as possible. I wouldn’t want a tear jerker thrown in the middle if you were to make a playlist off of this small lineup. What are some of your favorites? We want to know! I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend! Have fun, stay safe and remember what the day is about! All of us at CMNB also want to thank all those HEROES out there that let us live life the way we do, FREE!. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top 10 Graduation Songs

The Top 10 Songs For Graduation Celebrations! As you all know, the CMNB team loves summertime (we’ve been writing and dreaming about all of our adventures for months now!). And although there is an exact calendar date for the start of the season, there are many unofficial starts to it as well! For students, the one and most holy of those is the end of a school year! For seniors, whether it is high school or college, that last day of school (and passing grades) means graduation! In honor of this (and my recent obsession with Top 10s) I have come up with another list! So everybody get the tissues ready, as you (or your family member) embark on another life journey! Congratulations to all graduates (especially the ones from Sallisaw!). Good luck on all of your future plans!!! Top 10 Graduation Songs 1. I Hope You Dance – Lee Ann Womack 2. My Wish – Rascal Flatts 3. Here’s To You – Eli Young Band (fit this into my high school graduation speech) 4. I’m Not Gonna Cry – Corey Smith 5. Don’t Blink – Kenny Chesney 6. Don’t Forget To Remember Me – Carrie Underwood 7. Laughed Until We Cried – Jason Aldean 8. The River – Garth Brooks 9. You’re Gonna Miss This – Trace Adkins 10. I’ve Got Friends In Low Places – Garth Brooks (If you were part of my graduating class) As a BONUS…Graduation – Vitamin C. It isn’t country, but it is one of the most common songs used at graduations and I just couldn’t find it in me to leave it off the list.

Top 10 Summer Fling Songs

The Top 10 “Summer Fling” Country Songs According To HaleighT! It’s that time of year again, a time that we all love…Summertime! School years are coming to an end, the days are longer and hotter and at night there is a feeling in the air that gets people all hyped up! We all know the clichés about ditching the serious relationships and having a few flings over the summer and apparently so do the songwriters. Here I have put together one of my Top 10 lists that is dedicated to those special people who make your summer worthwhile! This is one of the hardest Top 10’s I’ve done in a while. So…I decided this is just part one! Be looking for another Top 10 Summer Fling list later on! Until then, ENJOY! Top 10 1. Drunk On You – Luke Bryan 2. What Was I Thinkin’ – Dierks Bentley 3. I Don’t Want This Night To End – Luke Bryan 4. Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck – Kip Moore 5. Barefoot Blue Jean Night – Jake Owen 6. Keep Me In Mind – Zac Brown Band 7. Cruise – Florida Georgia Line 8. Wild At Heart – Gloriana 9. Long Hot Summer – Keith Urban 10. Lovin’ You Is Fun – Easton Corbin

Top 10 Mother’s Day Songs

HaleighT’s List Of The Top 10 Songs To Play On Mother’s Day! As you all know, Mother’s Day is upon us! If you don’t, well…this is your reminder, run to the store! This holiday is a special one that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. For most of us, our mothers are women who we look up to and they have a great deal to do with the people that we become. That’s how it is for me at least. In honor of this special Sunday, I have put together a list of the Top 10 songs to put on your weekend playlist! Everybody hug your mamas, grandmas, aunts, cousins or whoever else deserves to be honored and hit play! Now the songs on this list meet no particular criteria except: I like them, they might have the word mama in them, they might be about a mom or that they might make me think of my mom. Top 10. 1. Mama, I’m Alright – Miranda Lambert 2. Somebody’s Hero – Jamie O’Neal 3. Mama Tried – Merle Haggard 4. God Gave Me You – Blake Shelton 5. In My Daughter’s Eyes – Martina McBride 6. Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys – Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson 7. I Hope You Dance – Lee Ann Womack 8. I’m A Survivor – Reba McEntire 9. My Wish – Rascal Flatts 10. Hot Mama – Trace Adkins (for the dads!) If y’all have any songs that remind you of your mom then comment below! We would love to hear them! This list is an all country list, but don’t feel like you have to follow that rule…it’s all about the MOMS!

HaleighT’s Song Suggestions

Here Are Some Ear Worms That I CAN’T Get Out Of My Head! Alright, so a couple of weeks ago I told y’all about some songs that have been in my head and won’t get out…well here is a list of a few more! Now they are not in any particular order (except maybe Springsteen, it is my fav!). They aren’t all brand new either, you might have heard of them before. But if you haven’t, then look them up! Hope you enjoy! Don’t hesitate to tell me if you like this playlist or not…or if you have any suggestions on what might need to be added to this list! 1. Springsteen – Eric Church 2. Saturday Night – Wade Bowen 3. Always A Reason – Dirt Drifters 4. Better Than I Use To Be – Tim McGraw 5. So You Don’t Have To Love Me Anymore – Alan Jackson 6. Rose Colored Glasses – LeAnn Rimes (Lady & Gentlemen) 7. Nobody’s Fool – Miranda Lambert 8. Comin’ Around – Josh Thompson 9. Boys From The South – Pistol Annies 10. Hey – Blake Shelton

Weekend Flashback Playlist

Here Is Just A Random List Of Some Of My All Time Favorite Songs That Might Come In Handy This Weekend. So who has big plans this weekend?? Well, I am very happy to say I will have a weekend full of wonderful family time! I decided to share with you my playlist for the weekend! It is a short list of songs that all have a special meaning to me. So whether you have big plans or none at all take a minute to check this list out and maybe one or two of the songs will put a smile on your face! =) Here they are in no particular order! 1. Shoulda Been A Cowboy – Toby Keith 2. Stranger In My House – Ronnie Milsap 3. Let Your Love Flow – Bellamy Brothers 4. My Maria – Brooks and Dunn 5. Killin’ Time – Clint Black 6. Don’t Take It Away – Conway Twitty 7. Cherokee Fiddle – Johnny Lee 8. Swingin’ – John Anderson 9. Down To My Last Teardrop – Tanya Tucker 10. Sad Lookin Moon – Alabama 11. Shameless – Garth Brooks 12. Rose Garden – Lynn Anderson 13. The Devil Went Down To Georgia – Charlie Daniels 14. Strawberry Wine – Deana Carter 15. Okie From Muskogee – Merle Haggard If you would like to know the background story to why a particular song is special to me then just leave a comment below!