Country Represents at MTV O Music Awards 2

Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton and Dolly Parton Nominated for O Music Awards 2.

Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton and Dolly Parton are the representative group holding the fort for country music at the next round of “O Music Awards” hosted by MTV. The “O Music Awards” (as you are no doubt wondering by now) is a strange but (arguably) inevitable development of digital and web culture. MTV is essentially honoring musical artists online activities, typically relating to promotion or contacting fans. The “O” literally stands for “offbeat, outrageous, online”.

So, this is not your average award show, and the categories are less than average as well. Taylor is nominated in the “Fan Army FTW” category for her “Taylor Nation” legion of fans, and Blake Shelton (we really should not be surprised here) is nominated for “Must Follow Artist On Twitter”. The one really interesting part of this is Dolly’s nomination. She pops up in the “Best Vintage Viral Video” for “Jolene“. Taylor and Blake’s nominations make complete sense, but Dolly’s nomination is especially important. It really demonstrates how classic music can live forever, and how this music can be relived and re-experienced through digital technology.

Even though this is kind of a wacky award show, it is fun to see that amidst all the really random categories and equally random nominations, a piece of classic, solid country made it in.

You can watch the nominated video here!

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