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Just give me a jukebox, and a country song!

Country music stars are a special brand of celebrity. Unlike actors or athletes, their art hits us closer to home, and seems to pull more than anything, from their own personality. So it’s easy to understand why there are some country stars who seem more welcoming than others, more authentic, and of course, just more interesting. As I jotted my next country concert down in my calendar (which happens to be Sticks Country Music Festival), I began to wonder what it would be like to meet Rascal Flatts, Gretchen Wilson, or Jamey Johnson? What would I ask? How would I leave a great impression? Why would that meeting be so important to me?

Reba McEntire | Living Legend | Country Music News

Then I started wondering who else I’d want to meet? What is my all-star line-up of country stars and why? Well, I’ll tell you! And by golly, if you know a way I can meet any of these guys, then just email me at and I’ll be happier than a hummingbird in a spring flower garden!

Reba McEntire – Why? Like I really have to explain this one? Let’s see… I cut my singing teeth so-to-speak on songs like Cathy’s Clown, and Whoever’s in New England. I won my first competition with Is There Life Out There, and at least one of her songs marks every pivotal moment I’ve had from the time I could crawl till the time my babies stopped crawling and started runnin, and she’s still churnin out more! My one question? Courage: Where did she get the courage to go from singing along with the radio to singing for millions of passionate fans in packed stadiums all hanging on her every note?

Brad Paisley – Why? Because as my good friend Ump says, Brad Paisley IS the Van Halen of country music! His guitar skills constantly have me amazed. Add the fact that his songs are witty, sincere, and pure and I’m swooning all over the place! My one question? Do you ever wake up and just wonder how you got to be so blessed? A beautiful wife and growing family, an amazing career, and William Shatner on speed-dial?

Miranda Lambert – Why? Authentic and high-spirited talent meets completely normal girl. After all, she had a chart-topping single on the billbaord charts around the same time Field and Stream magazine named her a sportsman of the year? Her press constantly alternates between musical accomplishments and her efforts to help animals. How can you not love her? My one question? Does her image of mega-badassery ever get in the way? Do people make a lot of false assumptions about the type of person she is based on her performances or song lyrics?

LeAnn Rimes-Cibriani – Why? Everytime I’ve heard LeAnn Rimes perform her voice is powerful, commanding, and extremely emotional. She’s seemed to really mature into a simply amazing singer who will not bow to anyone else’s expectations. My one question? When did she know that she had transitioned from being a child star to a truly respected country music power player?

Jamey Johnson –  Why? Cause he is truth where most of Nashville is not. He writes songs that rip out my gut, toss it on the floor, stomp em into the ground, pours whiskey on em, then consoles me when it’s over. Can you say that about tweeny-bopper Taylor? My one question? No real questions, just a plea… PLEASE don’t let success and money pull you away from your raw and honest talent!

So I want to know readers, if you had the chance to meet any one country music star (still alive) who would it be and why?

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  1. Now you’ve just got me jealous Debbie! I’m sure my chances of meeting her will increase in a few months as I am moving to Oklahoma myself! Thanks for reading and sharing your comments 🙂