Craig Campbell “When I Get It” Video

Craig Campbell Releases Video for “When I Get It”.

Craig Campbell has released the video for his most recent single, “When I Get It“, and it’s a really good one! Campbell seems to me to be a genuinely down to earth guy. When he talks about hard times and makin’ it work with what ya got, it’s clear he has some experience in the matter. This new video is really creative, and manages to be both realistic, demonstrating the experience a lot of Americans are having while also being humorous. The great thing though, is that the humor isn’t belittling the experience. It is more a well-that’s-life-what’cha-gonna-do-but-grin-and-bear-it sort of humor. I really think this one is going to be a hit, and something fans can easily relate to. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Oh and wait till the last shot, it’s priceless.

Watch Campbell’s “When I Get It” Here!


Campbell’s debut album, Craig Campbell is currently available including hits “Family Man” and “Fish“.

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