Cross Canadian Ragweed’s Box of Weed

Cross Canadian Ragweed Release Box Set, Box of Weed!

Red dirt pioneers and Texas rockers, Cross Canadian Ragweed, have announced the release of their first ever box set humorously titled, Box of Weed. The band celebrated their 15th anniversary in 2010, and shortly after announced they would be taking a break with no definite intentions of getting back together.

This box set, which features five CDs (Cross Canadian Ragweed (also known as the ‘purple’ album), Soul Gravy, Garage, Mission California and Happiness And All The Other Things) and a DVD of the group’s live performance at Tulsa’s Cain’s Ballroom (Back To Tulsa: Live And Loud At Cain’s Ballroom) will offer a little something to those fans who were sorry to see them disband.

The box set is available as of Tuesday, November 15th.

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