Darryl Worley “You Still Got It” Video

Darryl Worley Thinks “You Still Got It”!

Darryl Worely wants you to know that “You Still Got It” and he still wants it, uh, huh, oh yeah! Well, maybe not you specifically, but someone! His new single, “You Still Got It” is the first to hit radio off of his new album, One Time Around, which is set to release in June. It really is a feel-good kinda song that’s just a little bit sexy, with a mellow, traditional sounding country vibe that makes you want to kick off your boots and enjoy! He now has a video out to go with it, and you can check it out below! Go ahead, its worth the 2-3 minutes of your time!

Darryl Worley, “You Still Got It” Video.

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