Daryl Wayne Dasher Brings Old School Sound with New Album

Daryl Wayne Dasher Brings An Old School Country Sound with New Album, Great Big Sky.

Independent country/folk/Americana artist, Daryl Wayne Dasher released his sophmore album, Great Big Sky, today (Tuesday, April 23rd), and the new record is currently available via iTunes. The new project is the follow-up to his 2009 solo debut, Long Road Now.

Making this album took more out of me than anything I’ve ever done before. There were many steep emotional ups and downs during the writing process, recording, and especially the mixing of ‘great big sky.’ I liken it to going on a really long hike on the Appalachian Trail. There are many seemingly pointless ups and down, moments of vision and joy, moments of being totally drained both emotionally and physically, times when you ask “why am I doing this?” and times of perfect clarity.” -Daryl Wayne Dasher

Dasher pulls together a more traditional country, folk and Americana sound with lyrics and themes pulled from daily living and experience. With this listeners will find eleven genuine and original tracks that boast a very real quality and talent that provides a refreshing reprieve from the usual suspects being marketed out of the Nashville scene.

Be sure to follow the iTunes link above to give Great Big Sky a shot, and find more from Dayrl on his own site and of course, Twitter (@dwdmusic)

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