Josh Charles Hits Country Scene with Wasted On Love

Josh Charles Breaks Onto Country Music Scene, Offers Up Single “Wasted On Love.”

Josh Charles is one of those folks who is not only talented, but also a down to earth person, trying to find a way to pursue his passions. Luckily for us, his passion is country music, and he is offering up a traditional country sound with relatable and genuine lyrics. These qualities are right at the forefront of his current single “Wasted On Love,” and it’s one of those easy going tunes that you’ll listen to once or twice and then catch yourself humming along to later when you’re cleaning the kitchen or getting ready for bed. It’s just the kind of song that sticks with you.

After listening to the single more than a few times myself, I had the chance to “meet” (via phone) the man behind the music! He let me know that really, he just tries to be himself, and that kind of honesty goes a long way when your profession is centered on country music. He may just be getting his start with “Wasted On Love” and previous single “Life Ain’t Fair,” but having performed gigs opening for the likes of Blake Shelton and working on new music, including a full album hopefully soon, Josh is in the early stages of really making a name for himself.

This is one on the rise artists that I sincerely think is worth a few minutes of your time! So, take a break from your busy day and enjoy his music below. Then be sure to find him on Twitter (@JoshCharles) to let him know what you think.

Listen: “Wasted On Love.”

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