Dig Deep On Country Music History with “Cocaine & Rhinestones” Podcast

As country music moves even further into the digital age, unheard voices are finally reaching our ears, and in this case one such voice is that of Tyler Coe, an industry insider with a LOT of stories to tell. Tyler is the eyes, ears, and main speaker on the brand new podcast “Cocaine & Rhinestones” which dives right into the deep end of some of country music’s most controversial moments in history.

Tyler Coe with Cocaine & Rhinestones

The first two episodes are out already and the response has been huge, right out of the gate. CR 001 is about the time Ernest Tubb decided to shoot ex-Grand Ole Opry manager Jim Denny. (check it out on: CR website – iTunes – Stitcher)  CR 002 is about Loretta Lynn’s banned song which became a hit anyway, “The Pill.” (check it out on: CR website – iTunes – Stitcher)


From Tyler: “13 years of my life, mostly before smartphones existed, were spent with the David Allan Coe Band, riding around the country with nothing to do but read books on the history of country music artists and institutions (Grand Ole Opry, Starday Records, etc.). I’ve got all these stories sitting around in my head and, turns out, you don’t need anyone’s permission to make a podcast, so that’s what I’ve done.”


The first season will cover: the musical partnership of Buck Owens and Don Rich, the three major players of “Harper Valley PTA” (Tom T. Hall, Shelby Singleton, Jeannie C. Riley), Wynonna Judd’s path from childhood through The Judds into her solo career, Doug and Rusty Kershaw (with a huge section on Neil Young’s LP ‘On the Beach,’ which Rusty steered), Spade Cooley torturing and murdering his wife (not pleasant to hear), The Louvin Brothers and an episode dedicated to everything Ralph Mooney did for the entire genre of country music.

Give Cocaine & Rhinestones a listen and tell us what you think!

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