Dolly Parton Makes Joyful Noise

Dolly Parton Stars in Upcoming Film, Joyful Noise!

Dolly Parton will be returning to the silver screen in January of 2012 with the release of upcoming comedy, Joyful Noise, in which she stars alongside Queen Latifa. The storyline follows a small town gospel choir that is trying to make it to a national competition, and the only way they can make it is if semi-rivals played by Parton and Latifa can learn to work together. Queen Latifa is known for her comic timing, and Dolly definitely puts her classic whip-smart southern humor to good use! I never would have thought it, but it looks like Latifa and Parton make an excellent pairing as their feud provides a great base for some really comical scenes. This may not be a ground breaking film, but it certainly looks like its going to be pretty entertaining!

Check out the trailer here!

What’s your favorite Dolly film?

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