Dolly Parton on Glee?

Dolly Parton, country music’s favorite showgirl, talks about America’s favorite show choir Glee.

In a recent interview, Dolly Parton admits she would love to be a guest on the hot Fox show ‘Glee‘. “I have seen bits and pieces of it,” she says. “It looks fantastic.” When asked to elaborate, she goes on to say “If it has a dang thing to do with music, I would do it,” she says. “I can’t dance. They’re always coming to me for that ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and I won’t do that.”

Now I personally would LOVE to see a country-themed episode of the show that I am SO addicted to! Of course, it would be a far cry from the Lady GaGa episode they have planned next week, but fun nonetheless.

As for that Lady GaGa hour, expect to see a lot of crazy costumes, a ton of blonde wigs, and an enormous amount of action! Come to think of it, maybe a Dolly-themed episode wouldn’t be so different after all!

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