Lady Antebellum:The Need You Now 2010 Tour

Lady Antebellum, CMA Vocal Group of the Year, announced their first headlining tour today.

Dr. Pepper is sponsoring Lady Antebellum’s The Need You Now 2010 Tour, which is set to begin on September 20th and go through November. In the coming weeks, the team will announce cities and dates for the tour which is expected to hit 35 cities across the country.

“I feel like we were just writing songs for our very first show at this small club in Nashville,” said Hillary Scott. “I can remember being so nervous to perform in front of just a handful of people that night and to think now we’re beginning to headline our very own tour is unbelievable. We have our fans to thank for following us every step of the way!”

The band also announced they have a new single out, “Our Kind Of Love.”Country Music Photo Gallery

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6 Replies to “Lady Antebellum:The Need You Now 2010 Tour”

  1. Okay I am not trying to be mean or hateful, however I saw the tour just this March where they were the 2nd opening act for Tim McGraw, and let me tell you no way were they ready at that point, perhaps they have gotten more assured of themselves I don’t know, but just as an example, when Tim said well from now on you get me and the DHD for the rest of the evening well the entire crowd just went nuts, and I do mean they made it quite clear they were thrilled there wouldn’t be anyonelse but Tim entertaining and as for myself, the only song I was really wanting to hear was I Need You Now, to be totally honest as for American Honey if I hear it or see it once more I’ll go nuts, I wasn’t that crazy about it, I kinda liked what it meant but after seeing the video over and over I just so don’t like it, they are a great group, but in my opo they are in far too much of a rush and I really do hope for their sakes they aren’t sorry as they are really new, yes they have a couple of hit singles but to go out and be the main attraction well I sure do hope they have some amazing opening acts for them, they are far too nice people Hillary seems so sweet as do the guys I wouldn’t want them to be hurt, remember when Trick Pony tried the same thing well they are no more. Just my opo I have nothing against these guys just think its waaaaaay too soon!

  2. I will be seeing Lady A. with Tim McGraw in Denver end of July so should have a pretty good idea how they may do on their own. A friend saw them recently in Atlanta and said they did great but don’t quite have the material to be the headliner. Hopefully they don’t try too soon then because I do really enjoy them.

  3. I just read a review that was posted, infact I put it up on my facebook page cause it was so awesome a review for Tim but the person writing said they needed to wait alongtime before going out on their own this person said the only song that really got any attention was Need You Now, this was a Portland Oregon interview so it should be easy enough to find, anyhow I just know unless they have really improved since they were here I would so hate for after all the amazing succsess they have had for them to be received terribly it would be just sad, they are a nice group, and have had some good songs but I don’t know its their decission, good luck to you!

  4. I was at their Atlanta show and TOTALLY disagree!! They rocked Atlanta Ga, and were superstars in their own right on the stage!! I can’t wait to see them again, and I feel that they will do great on their own!! They did not get to perform half their material on the Tim tour. People will see a whole new Lady A when they are given their wings to fly solo!!

  5. I had the honor of hearing them in Tampa on May 7, 2010
    As always, Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors were astounding! Tim McGraw gives his all to his audiences whenever he performs. His Southern Voice Concert was no exception. Having Hillary, Dave and Charles – Lady Antebellum as a lead in was totally awesome. I’m surpris…ed they weren’t headlining their own show. I’m certain they will once this tour is complete. My only regret is that their set wasn’t longer. They write the majority of their own songs. Their melodious voices blend so beautifully and naturally. I love Dave on guitar and found him inspiring on the piano. I was even pleasantly surprised at how well Love and Theft performed. I will definitely catch all three acts when they come back to Central Florida. Linda Loschiavo Makofski Lakeland, Florida

  6. Lady Antebellum is a group filled with amazing musicians who make great harmonies to listen too. I am very excited for their headlining tour and will be their to cheer them on. I am amp’d and counting down the days until the concert.