Easton Corbin New Single “Lovin’ You Is Fun”

Easton Corbin Releases Single from Upcoming Album!

Easton Corbin‘s latest single, “Lovin’ You Is Fun” has officially hit country music airwaves. The tune which is featured on his upcoming sophmore album was the second most added single to play the charts last week! Corbin feels pretty good about this song so far, and no doubt you enjoy it through spring and summer time too.

When I first heard this song, man, it just really felt good. It’s a fun song – a feel good summertime song you can roll the windows down and turn the radio up,” Easton Corbin

If you haven’t had the chance to hear it on the radio yet, you’ll definitely be able to get it on iTunes, March 13th! In the meantime, take a break and watch the video for his “A Little More Country Than That“!

Easton Corbin, “A Little More Country Than That“.


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  1. Ops, that is a sensational hit.Do all I can to get it in my playlist.