Eric Church’s New Video

Eric Church’s New Video for Single “Homeboy”.

Well, I mentioned in my recent post about Eric Church that he would be releasing a new video for “Homeboy“, and here it is! It’s a 2011 rendition of the Prodigal Son parable, and while not necessarily a groundbreaking message, it is at times visually striking which certainly adds depth. Also, the lyrics do feature some clever word play with the double meaning of “homeboy”(the cultural term) and “home boy”(as in, come home boy). I do really wonder what has happened in Church’s life as he seems to have a continuing theme of this cautionary tale of getting involved with city life and crime, seen also in his other songs like “Lightening“. Whatever the reason is, Eric certainly seems to have a much sharper edge than your average country singer, and that definitely comes through in this video.

Check out the video here.

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