Garth Brooks The Dance, JT Hodges Cover

Garth Brooks’ The Dance Gets A Little Love From JT Hodges.

JT Hodges has taken on the Garth Brooks classic, “The Dance“. He did this special recording just for Valentine’s Day as a kind of Valentine to all his fans. I know, we’re getting this up a day late, but it’s better late than never, right? Besides this song is a classic, and its worth taking a listen any ole day!

Additionally, Hodges has released another single, “Goodbyes Made You Mine“, and it’s currently available on iTunes. This track has that kind of rock undertone that you can find in his other songs, but it still maintains an almost sweet sentiment. One of the things I really like about JT is the genuine quality in his voice, that gives an original feel to his music that you don’t get from a lot of singers. So, watch the video below, and then go check out his new single! As always, tell us what ya think!

JT Hodges rendition of “The Dance“.


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